Secret Notes

Kargien's messages from a secret group


Your requests to meet are impossible for now. The old gods are jealous of the svirfneblin glory. Yet, they are still worshipped. You must have control of Blingdenstone before we can meet openly. We are vigilant for The Betrayer.
Remember our goals, and we will help you become the rightful king of Blingdenstone, as the descendant of the Most Honorable Burrow Warden.
- Your Friends Under the Rose

No, we have found no descendent of King Schnicktick. And no bastard should be king, especially one who makes taverns his home. You are the most deserving. When you most need an advisor, one shall step forward.
- Your Friends Under the Rose

We are sending you a great weapon against Ogremoch’s Bane. Follow the instructions as written, and we will be that much closer to liberating Blingdenstone and giving you that which your heart desires most!
-Your Friends Under the Rose

If Ogremoch’s Bane is lead into Entemoch’s Boon, the Charm of Elemental Warding will pull the Bane into the charm, imprisoning it until the Charm’s destruction. Then, bury the charm in Entemoch’s Boon to restore it to its full power.


Kargien kept these messages rolled up and stored in the locked chest in his quarters.

Secret Notes

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