Elven lumberjack fighter


Thorn is traditionally elven, but very tall at 6’3". Slender, but fairly muscular and atheletic, he wields his axe with an uncanny accuracy and deft.

“Due to my height, build, and love of the forest, I was asked to be a lumberjack in the forest where I grew up. It’s an unusual, but not unheard of profession for an elf. I’ve spent most of my life, over 100 years uses axes of all sorts, and find they serve me better than any other weapon I’ve ever seen. You can’t cut down a tree with a sword, but I can chop off the head of an orc with an axe, and impale him with my spike.”

(This is kind of what his axe looks like:

“I’ve been watching the forests get cut down by man in his quest for more wasteful farms, burned by the orcs to power their war machines, and grow dead and weak while the high elves sit in their towers and read their books. If we don’t start paying attention we’ll lose the forests, and then the farms, and the cities and towers too! The roots of our society start with the trees! But for all the troubles attacking the trees, the one that distracts them the most is this new beetle. Whether created by magic or demon I know not, but it is gorging on our strongest trees, leaving neither wood nor bark behind. And it must be stopped. I have met a man, Preathurion, who has discovered a type of dust that can kill the beetles. I’ve set out on this adventure to help gather that dust itself, or maybe learn something more about it. This opportunity to go into the gnomish mines seemed like a great chance.”

As a lumberjack he spent most of the time in the forest, even isolated.


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