Bendekik died defending this chamber from the drow. When the svirfneblin arrived here forty years ago, long before Pingtu came, Bendekik’s remains were found in the center of the menhir circle. The gnomes removed the bones and interred them beneath the Ruby in the Rough.

He seemed to have cast a curse on the Stones. When Pingtu read the invocation, he and the others heard Bendekik’s voice speak:

Seven stones stand and silently mourn.
Seven gods weep in the Golden Hills.
Here, many drow did break my form,
But seven my wrath left still.
Seventy times seven years silent the stones stand,
Unless seven bright stones from Earthcaller’s hand,
Seven sweet prayers of the Golden Land,
And seven shattered arms of the drow band
Are offered here, by my command.



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