Plano Gamers - Blingdenstone

Uninvited Guests of the Orcs

Session 8

The group rested, and in the morning, Gallus returned with information about the orcs, pointing how many were in different camps in the Orc Encampment.

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The group and 5 of the gnomes (Kargien, Garmudden, Togford, Teknik, and Kizzo Dragonbot made their way to the House Center, using it as a fallback defense point and launching their attack from there. The basic plan was to take out the orc sentries and make their way to the larger escarpment where the chieftain seem to be. Once there, they would try to either climb the fallen stalagmite or one person with climbing skills might reach the top and thrown over the rope ladder.

Entering the Den

In the king’s bone-house, the band braced for the storm of spears.
With magic, behind the walls, Bennet became a brutish bone-maker.
To further cunning, Kargien followed as captive,
his blood-ember hidden, biding on his back.

As his friends prepared to feast, fox-like Bennet beckoned for aid.
The two stalkers of caves stole closer,
as Sir Paul covered their eyes in slumber,
And Kargien crept forward, crowning them with his axe.

Unaware of his comates’ undoing, an elder under-warden waited.
The seeming hell-brute hailed, hushing the hoary-beard to follow
Into the grave’s embrace, guided by Sasha’s scabbard-tongue.
Through the cave’s black cloak the children of battle crawled.

Two afflictions of gnomes abided the silence.
The rune caller slipped the cloak and sent one to dream.
The feeder of ravens found surcease to the other foulness.
Their bogus bone-maker stood forth, bearing Thor’s gift.

Toward the rock bridge the rascals raced,
A god-cursed came near, calling to those deep in sword-sleep.
Deceiver of the wicked demanded she drop the ladder.
Into her meager thought-chest, the terror-monger searched.

A fiery hail of the bow-string flew high,
Setting the bone-river to the sorrow of the birch.
An errant casting, a blinded war needle,
the wanderers wended upward on the fallen stone-way.

With bent wood and battle-light, brute and heroes fought.
With a last black song, the orc traveled the Hel road.
Sword-Of-The-Rose stole behind the song of wounds and saw
A captain of evil and three brides bound for battle.


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