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(Give Me) One More Wight

Session 5

The group spent most of the evening leveling with the latest D&D 5e updates, which amounted to some reworking the characters, especially Bennett who is now a wizard. This left time for a short session.

After a good night’s sleep and well rested, the adventures returned to the House Center to finish exploring. They went north from the stairs to explore and found a guard post, including several arrow slits that looked beyond the wall as well as into into the House Center yard. In the distance, in the dark, they could make out the cave opening leading to the caverns where the orcs were likely holed up. They also saw no door leading out to the top of the wall.

As they raced south back through the hall and then the Great Hall, the orcs killed the previous day rose again as undead threats. Though caught offguard, the adventurers destroyed the 3 undead orcs with little trouble. They made sure there were no other fresh corpses and then explored the Great Hall more carefully.

They found a secret door that opened to a small closet, which stored

  • A small dark iron key that matched the style of the locked box
  • Gems: Amethyst and another fire opal

They debate trying the key with the coffer, but decide to wait until they’ve returned to Pingtu, who would be able to help heal if they sprung a trap on the box.

The band moved into the south hall where they found a barricade and 4 skeletons. Making up for his previous lack of valor, Thorn leaped over the barricade and stood among the skeletons—a gnomish skeleton, one wearing boiled leather, another with a chain attached to its jaw, and one with mud stuffed into its eye sockets. On this day, everyone had a new kill to notch on their weapons. Moving past the skeletons, they found a similar room as in the north, a barracks. But the gnomes had obviously fought valiantly here for a last stand, as gnomish and drow skeletons lay together in ironic peace.

In the far corner, they saw a skeleton still in scale mail, which Sasha and Bennett investigated, find a small pouch on a chain around its neck. As they pulled it from the skeleton, its eyes blinked red and came to life. Gravel called out that it was another wight, which made two quick attacks. Thorn jumped between Bennett and Sasha, but it was Sir Paul who dealt the killing blow.

For their rewards, they found

  • another dark iron key matching the one that they found earlier
  • a gold chain, likely worth 15g
  • dragon scale male (15 AC + DEX Mod, Stealth Disadvantage), likely worth 250g

Finding no other secrets and monsters-in-waiting, the group returns downstairs and to the yard, where they decide to explore the wreck of the stables.

Thus endth the session.


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